Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've got 400 more words in a 500 word French essay to do so I'll elaborate later but I'd like to post a series of comics that say exactly what I want to be able to remind myself of every minute. I'm thinking about getting a tattoo or something that I can see every day. anyway, that's for later. Here's the most recent xkcd that just kicked my ass.

(alt text: "Sometimes, I'm terrified to realize how many options other people have.")
There's a gillion others but, like I said, I've got shit tuh dooo.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crooked fingers & mission #1

I took/made this handprint at the local watering hole in Pella.

“Bill Gates says, ‘Wait till you can see what your computer can become.’ But it’s you who should be doing the becoming, not the damn fool computer. What you can become is the miracle you were born to be through the work that you do.”

this winter is so shitty, i got a paper cut just now (or a little bit ago) and didn't even notice until i tried scratching my knuckles; the skin on my hands and hips and back and chest and ass is really dry and therefore itchy. It's Iowa. What should I have expected? it makes me think of that line in Water for Elephants (if you haven't read it, do and this won't spoil anything because it happens almost immediately). The main character is in the retirement home after waking up from a nap he doesn't remember taking and he looks down at his hands, really looking deeply at them for the first time since he can remember, and thinks to himself about them. the quote is roughly this: "these can't be my hands. they're all withered and splotchy and weak. my hands were strong and spot-free. they're bony and pale. they're shuddering constantly. these can't be my hands." the physical signs of aging are hitting me kind of early (probably because I'm so unhealthy because I don't sleep and I don't eat right). anyway, just before I was about to become depressed, I thought to myself all of the awesome things these hands have done. They learned how to play guitar by themselves (as well as a slough of other instruments). They saved a kids life at the pool last summer. One of the right hands fingers was spirally fractured and was never the same again; he still has trouble playing power chords.

MISSION: Trace your hand on a sheet of paper in any artistic fashion that you desire. Then on that same sheet of paper along the margins or within the hand, write all the amazing things this hand (or both) has(have) done from the perspective of that hand as if it were anthropomorphic. these can and should be both positive and negative things. Ex. "When I was 14, I met Julia's hand for the first time; she squeezed so softly that I nearly dropped to his side," or "when I was 12, I discovered masturbation. I didn't get the appeal but the chick attached to me sure seemed to." I'm supposed to be studying for French right now and I've got a ton more homework where that came from but I'll try and post mine as soon as possible. I'd like to have a place to post stuff rather than the comment section mais quelle que soit (yeah, I had to look it up).

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"learning to love you more"

With the pending demise of "Learning To Love You" (check it out; old assignments are still awesome and there's like 70 of them;, I will be taking on my own version of this fantastic project. I will post a new assignment every week. Hopefully, if I can summon forth my best muse, they will take you out of your comfort zone, make you try something completely new, and maybe this will help you develop a routine that won't turn you into a zombie but will help you get your life organized while still having lots of fun. take pictures or write or whatever the assignment requires you do to record your things in the comment section (and in your own blog if you see fit). I'll try and post my results as fast as possible so you can have an example. I hope you non-existent readers find this fulfilling. I will post the 1st assignment NEXT WEEK which is the week of the 7th of February. Godspeed, you.