Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fred Karger:

Gay Republican candidate for gay rights and increased education spending citing Teddy Roosevelt as philosophical ancestor? Ostensibly, I'm all for it.

Also, this is the only time I have anymore to read the news and watch my MSNBC programs (Daily Rundown, Andrea Mitchell, and Rachel Maddow (only as a liberal pity party when I'm feeling directionless)) as I currently have 3 jobs:

1.) Lifeguard
3.) Jimmy John's
3.5) volunteering on the Opera House board and working for my father at the appliance store (both are not paid positions)

Hopefully buying books next semester won't be so agonizing. Also, I've got some new recordings that, if you'd like to hear them, I'll send to you (if you know my music, it's "Waltz" & "Empyreal").

Also, I've purchased my tickets to the Sunday date of Pitchfork Music Festival. I am impossibly stoked to see TV On The Radio, Baths and, out of morbid curiosity, Tyler the Creator. If you're going and need a ride, I'd love to carpool and split gas with you.

It's summer and I spent every second NOT at work reading The People's History of The United States, learning that my ancestors (the Iriquois) were the most amazing society I've ever learned about whilst learning how to play every Low song imaginable (Sunflower, Dinosaur Act, Murderer, When I Go Deaf, In The Drugs); Alan Sparhawk is my intellectual ancestor and I hope to do his kind proud.